What is Ganesh idol trunk direction?

“Worshiping the Vamamukhi is simpler than worshiping the Siddhi Vinayak. The last should be venerated painstakingly and each custom should be taken after legitimately on the grounds tha ganesh idol trunk direction  to the privilege is identified with sun, which could consume if the ruler gets irate. It is trusted that if supplication is finished by the Vedas and customs, this symbol gifts shelters quicker. However, in the event that principles are not tailed, it can lose temper soon. This is the reason Vamamukhi icon is predominantly found in sanctuaries, homes and workplaces.  Marathi dwelling in the city for the last six years.The third symbol is with trunk in the middle. This symbol is known as Sushumna. These symbols are uncommon and considered special.There are icons with Ganesha in various stances and every one of them holds distinctive importance. In these, Ganesha could be in sitting, standing, moving or leaning back position. “All symbols, with the exception of the one in leaning back position, are loved. This one is to a greater extent a style piece. Additionally, ganesh idol trunk direction  is not viewed as useful for adoring. It is viewed as useful for gifting to craftsmen and artists.

There are two major ganesh idol trunk direction.

Left bended trunk – Grants Material Success

Ganesh idol trunk direction


  • The storage compartment confronting left is thought to be the course of triumph or achievement. It remains for material additions and thriving.
  • In many family units one can see Ganesha icons with trunk confronting left. The position of Ganesha`s trunk holds a typical importance. The storage compartment bended towards the left is called Vamamukhi. Vam implies the northern course or the left side. The cooling chandra nadi or Moon`s direct is arranged in the left trunk of Ganesha. It gives quietness, delight and accomplishment in common interests.
  • Left Trunk Ganesha are kept at homes for annihilating doshas identifying with vaastu. Left trunk Ganesha is called Vaastu Ganesha.
  • Left trunk Ganesha is accepted to confront Gouri, his mom. This gets promising and positive vibrations at home. Ganesha`s trunk should confront the course of his mom Gouri for good advantages.
  • The left bended trunk of Ganesha as a rule holds desserts or modak. This connotes thriving and plenitude. It helps in the satisfaction of goals and wishes. It is called Idampuri Vinayaka.

Right bended trunk – Grants Moksha

 Ganesh idol trunk direction
  • The privilege bending trunk remains for salvation or moksha. This type of Ganesha icons should be loved according to Vedic standards and custom. Right bended trunk Ganesha statues are normally adored in sanctuaries and religious spots. It is called VaIampuri Vinayaka.
  • Right bending trunks of Ganesha have pingala nadi or Sun`s vitality coursing through it. This aides in the snappy satisfaction of objectives and accomplishments. Be that as it may, if due formal love is not done frequently then it consumes with extreme heat the outcomes going ahead the way.
  • Consequently householders maintain a strategic distance from love to such types of Ganesha at home and love the left trunk Ganesha symbols.


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